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October 24 Schedule


5:45  CD White vs Hempfield Gold                             Hershey Orange vs Middletown White
7:00  Hempfield Black vs Palmyra Black                      Hershey Blue vs Manheim Twp Blue


5:45  LD Blue vs CD Green                                        
7:00 Middletown Gold vs CD Green (B)          
8:00 Middletown Blue vs Palmyra Orange           


5:45  Nook Black vs Warwick Red                               Lower Dauphin Black vs Octorara Red
7:00  Nook Black (B) vs Warwick Red (B)                    Etown White vs Manheim Twp White 
8:15 Manheim Central vs Warwick Black

Volleyball Corner

5:45 L-S Black vs Ephrata                                          6:00 Penn Manor White vs L-S White
7:00 Nook Green vs Octorara Blue                              7:15 Penn Manor White (B) vs Warwick White
8:15 Penn Manor Blue vs Hempfield White

Pine Street Elementary (Palmyra)                               Bear Creek Elementary (Elizabethtown)

6:00 Palmyra White vs LD Gray                                  6:00 Etown Blue vs Hempfield Red
7:15 Elco vs LD White                                               7:15 Nook White vs CD Gray

Linden Hall School (Lititz)

5:45 Linden Hall vs Northern Lebanon
7:00 Linden Hall (B) vs L-S Blue


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